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Quotes Chris has helped me clarify my values and what is important in life. He has given me perspective on seeing the importance of balance in many areas of one's life. ..Paramount.. Is what the truth about things are how to take the drama out of things and move forward to make the things happen that you want in your life. also he is great at instilling confidence and support in all of your ambitions and how you feel about yourself. His Coaching will allow you confidently an independently move on and become your own coach in your life. Quotes
Brad Perlow

Quotes In the amount of time that I have known Chris Holder, he has been very influential in the turn that my life has taken for the better. Whether it's through Financial Management, Health and Wellness, Mindset and Goal Setting or just being a good friend, his advice has always been beneficial, sound and honest. From improving my health to increasing my traveling experience, to helping me look better (on the street with my wardrobe or behind the wheel of a Porsche). Even his classes are designed to make you better regardless of the industry you are in. So in a nutshell I can say that Chris has truly been a blessing to my life!!! Quotes
Norman Grayson

Quotes Mr. Chris Holder is a driven, high energy leader and author with a true commitment to the success of others. With his passion, warm heart and usually serious disposition, Mr. Holder is able to mold a plan of action uniquely to your needs that, when followed, will lead you directly to success. Success, not just in business but in finances, family and overall health and well-being as well. Over the last few years, Mr. Holder has granted me the honor of becoming not just my mentor but a friend who willingly shares his time and unwavering support and commitment to coach me in my pursuit of "reinventing myself". Mr. Holder has that no-nonsense New Yorker way of telling you directly and honestly just what you need to complete to reach your goals, no excuses allowed. He is a leader?s leader who has not just inspired people to be their best, he has motivated thousands of people into action that has created documented positive results for them and their families. Quotes
Karen Clark-Reddon

Quotes Hi, my name is Ronalee S, I am a Newborn Care Specialist. I have known Mr. Chris Holder for the pass two and half years through a mutual friend, he has been a blessing!! Because of Mr. Holder I can say I have good financial habits. I now have awesome Credit Score I have an IRA account which I needed He guided me though my first investment I can say that in working with Mr. Holder, he has been there for every task that I have embarked on has been successfully completed. I wish I had known him a couple of years ago. What I'll say is if you make a decision to work with Mr. Holder, you will not regret it. Quotes
Ronalee S.

Quotes Navigating the world of money, finance and investing can be extremely daunting - especially for people with little or no experience in the financial markets. Chris Holder and S.M.M. Inc. have consistently hared knowledge and expertise to help me understand the markets; make sound financial decisions and grow my portfolio. I cannot desire a better Financial Coach and Mentor. Quotes
Anthony R Forrester

Quotes Working with Chris was the best thing that I could have ever done for my finances. Not only did Chris coach me through taking responsibility for organizing my budget, he also helped me to curb my spending habits and devise a savings plan to meet my goal. Chris really knows his stuff and he is great at breaking down complicated concepts. Quotes
CK Alexander
Satisfied Client

Quotes Chris Holder of SMM Inc. has been a phenomenal mentor! He has provided guidance, support and encouragement from the day we met. His combination of intelligence and compassion are unequaled. Chris has taught me how to build and grow my business in the most efficient manner possible. Without Chris being in my corner, I wouldn't have finished 2014 as the number one salesman in my company. I can honestly say that what I admire most about Chris is that he puts people first. Quotes
Mark Coluccio
Successful Business Leader

Quotes From the moment he began coaching and mentoring me, it was always clear that he led by example. Any advice he gave contained knowledge based on his own personal experience. He's never going to advise anyone based solely on something he's heard. That's just who he is. He creates systems of success. He does research. He decides what wants based on his research and what makes sense. He sets goals with very specific time lines. He determines the most effective plan of action based on all the data, including any personal circumstances that may affect the outcome. He then maps out the exact steps that need to be taken in order to achieve those goals, and finally, he follows that plan. That's what he does! That's just who he is! And he does the same thing for himself or with anyone that he's coaching and mentoring. And he has no problem holding you accountable to those goals that you set. Chris Holder is a leader! He creates Success over and over again for himself, as well as for others. Quotes
Toyia Brown
Satisfied Client