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Get the knowledge that will give you an unfair advantage in life. SMM Holdings, Inc. gives the student access to the information and know how that is necessary to get out of the rat race and get ahead in life.  Our students have the ability to be educated in a variety of areas in order to explore their options and turn their goals and dreams into reality.


Get the tools you need to get your life back. SMM Holdings, Inc. has helped many people learn the delicate art of credit restoration. What is your fica? Why is it so important, and how can a number seemingly control your financial destiny? How do businesses and banks perceive you? How can you change that perception to work in your favor? These are just a few of the many things we can help you to understand and overcome. Let us help you acquire the tools that you need to be able to take your lifestyle to the next level. Don't just repair your credit, restore it.


Get the wisdom that is needed to turn a great idea into a lucrative means of generating income. There is an old adage that states that "knowledge is power". Wisdom, however is the ability to apply knowledge. With SMM Holdings, Inc. students can receive guidance with organizing their thoughts and ideas into tangible vehicles for generating capital. Whether you need help starting up a business or growing your small business into a billion dollar corporation, SMM Holdings, Inc can provide you with the support you need.


Get the funding that your new, existing, or transitioning business needs to grow. Learn what it takes to obtain business lines of credit. SMM Holdings, Inc can assist you in generating funding for projects from 10k to over a million dollars in revenue!